Hip No.
Consigned by Wayne Moon
Hip No.
L X Bee Last Chex
2011 Bay Stallion
Doc O'Lena
Maxi Lena
Marian's Clown
Fritz Olena Chex Out
King Fritz
Pauleena Chex
Paula Gay
L X Bee Last Chex
Rbm Duster Wolf
Dusters Jeremy
Zero's Mamie
Lx Last Bee
Monu Bar Blue
Miss Black Bee 66
NOTES: This horse has been used extensively in the feed yard. He is very broke and very gentle. He has a lot of turn around and will shower down on a cow! He's fun to ride and can really work a rope. A novice hand could really get along with him!
SIRE: FRITZ OLENA CHEX OUT (1995). Sire of $1,003, including BLACKFRITZ SI 92 (race placed), FRITZ CHEX TWO CASH (NRHA money-earner). Son of MAXI LENA; sire of 59 money-earners, $1,039,877, 19 AQHA point-earners, including SNEAKIN CEE ($135,690: split 6th NCHA Open Super Stakes; NCHA Silver Award), SUSIE DRY ($125,265: NCHA Non-Pro Derby Champion), BRINKS BANKER ($100,010: NCHA Junior Youth Co [R]eserve World Champion), MAXITRAC ($63,409: NCHA National $10,000 Non-Pro Reserve Champion), MELODY LENA ($61,330: 5th NCHA Breeders Cutting 5/6-Year-Old Open), JINGLIN ($41,123: 4th NCHA Amateur Futurity), JACK CEE ($40,127: 3rd The Non-Pro Unlimited Non-Pro), DOUBLE L LENA ($38,623: \The Non-Pro\ 4-Year-Old Non-Pro Champion), SLYA ($31,617: top 10 NCHA Amateur Classic/Challenge), MAXIVET ($29,028: Congress Cutting Limited Rider Reserve Champion), SNIP LENA ($28,076: finalist in the NCHA Open Super Stakes), ML BRINKS ($25,443: 5th NCHA Super Stakes Limited Open), HIGH LONESOME LEX ($21,478: 7th Congress Cutting Open Classic), SNAPPIN CEE ($20,652: split 9th Steamboat Springs Cutting 5/6-Year-Old Open), BLACK LENA MAX ($20,478: split 6th Abilene Spectacular Non-Pro Classic), DOUBLE DIXIE DOC ($19,557: Adrian Berryhill Open Cutting Futurity Reserve Champion), SIERRA CEE SUNRISE ($18,966: finalist in the NCHA Non-Pro Futurity), STAR O LENA ($17,655: NCHA Day Area 5 Non-Pro Champion), HARD TWIST 001 ($16,135: Wyoming CHA Open Derby Reserve Champion), MISSIE O LENA ($15,264: top 10 NCHA Non-Pro Derby).
DAM: LX LAST BEE (2001). Dam of 13 AQHA foals. A daughter of DUSTERS JEREMY, an AQHA point-earner and sire of DUSTERS APRIL FOOL (4th Elite Big Cash Barrel Racing Main Race Open 4D). Son of RBM DUSTER WOLF, NCHA money-earner and 105.5 AQHA points: AQHA Champion; Superior Cutting. Sire of 24 money-earners, 23 AQHA point-earners, including WADDY WOLF ($8,481 and 115.5 AQHA points: AQHA High Point Junior Cutting Champion; Superior Cutting), BANDO'S DUSTER (25 AQHA points and NCHA $4,239), BANDO'S WOLF (16 AQHA points and NCHA $3,273), DUSTER'S BERETTA (14 AQHA points; NCHA money-earner), DUSTER'S COWGAL (16 AQHA points: NCHA Certificate of Ability), TYBOKOM WOLF (20 AQHA points: Open Perf. ROM), PETE'S POCO WOLF (25 AQHA points), OLD WOLF (9 AQHA points; NCHA money-earner), DUSTER'S PATCH (7 AQHA points: NCHA Certificate of Ability), BANDIT WOLF (6 AQHA points; NCHA money-earner), DUN STAR DUSTER (AQHA point-earner; NCHA money-earner), RED DUSTY BOOTS (AQHA point-earner: NCHA Certificate of Ability), SABRINA WOLF (AQHA point-earner; NCHA money-earner), DUSTERS JEREMY (AQHA point-earner), BERETTA DUSTY (32 AQHA points; NCHA $1,097), DUSTER WOLVERENE (5 AQHA points; NCHA $1,082), LORI'S DUSTER (NCHA money-earner), DUSTALETA (NCHA money-earner), DUSTERS TAMMY (NCHA money-earner), DUSTERS RED WOLF (NCHA money-earner).
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